Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

Looking through the eyes of your customer, customer service audits and mystery shopping identify specific areas of below standard services and recommend means of improvement. Criteria measured include employee attitude, skills and overall image of your company.

Customer service is often the decision-maker for many consumers. If they are treated well, they will buy from the company, return regularly and recommend it to their friends, resulting in more sales. The same holds true if they are NOT treated well. They will not buy nor return and will tell at least 10 other people about their negative experience.

How Does a Customer Service Audit Work?

Trained mystery shoppers will enter your company in person, over the phone, or online by blending in as an everyday customer. Mystery shoppers will then complete evaluation forms that will be tabulated and combined into a review of basic customer service. Any areas needing improvement are identified and recommendations made on how to accomplish improvements.

All programs can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Shoppers, Inc. will provide clients with a customized program and price quote. Depending on company size, $100 – $400 per location.

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