Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

Looking through the eyes of your customer, customer service audits and mystery shopping identify specific areas of below-standard services and recommend means of improvement. Criteria measured includes: employee attitude, skills, and overall image of your company.

Customer service is often the decision-maker for many consumers. If they are treated well, they will buy from the company, return regularly, and recommend it to their friends, resulting in more sales. The same holds true if they are NOT treated well. They will not buy nor return and will tell at least 10 other people about their negative experience, or potentially hundreds of people if social media is utilized.

Do you know how much a lost customer costs your company?  Do you know where you need to improve?  Download our free Return on Service Calculator here to determine the impact of a lost customer – and, therefore, a value of keeping customers loyal and happy.


  • Shopper Visit:  Shoppers visit your location(s) as scheduled and perform as a normal customer. Shoppers can make purchases, inquire about your products/services, place orders, return items purchased previously, check facilities, audit procedures, etc.
  • Shopper Telephone Call:  Shoppers call your location(s) as any customer would. Calls can be recorded, if you wish, and if your state law allows it.
  • Online/Internet/Chat Shopper Report: Shoppers visit your website to place an order, browse services, submit questions, evaluate ease of use, etc., in order to test your staff’s response time and quality.
  • Social Media Shopper Report:  Shoppers visit your social media site to enter a comment or inquiry to test your staff’s response time and quality.
  • Competitor Shopper Report:  Done by either telephone call or visit, a competitor report requires a shopper to call/visit the specified competitor location to evaluate their facility, service quality, pricing, inventory, etc.
  • Customer Service Audit:  A customer service audit consists of a package of shopper contacts of any type above. The audit contains special discount pricing. The audit is best used for the initial round of shopper reports, to set your baseline beginning average or for those who shop infrequently.
  • Create-Your-Own Shopper ReportHave a special idea or new idea for measurement of your staff’s abilities?  Shoppers, Inc. will customize a program, shopper reports, and pricing for you.  We’ll be your partner to run a test program.

All programs can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Shoppers, Inc. will provide clients with a customized program and price quote.

Contact us today to learn more about mystery shopper reports and to request pricing.