Service First Video Library


Service First Video Library

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Train Your Entire Workforce In Only 12 Sessions!
Service First Video Library is a powerful video-based training system founded on group interaction and designed to train the entire workforce on the art of exceptional customer service. This customer service video library can be used by any type of organization to improve customer service because the concepts and vignettes cover every segment of the marketplace.

Teach your entire workforce the art of customer service with a video each week, or each month! Each video is only 15 minutes, and using them with your team only takes an hour.

BONUS!  You get all this for free with the videos:

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Product Description

The Service First Video Library keeps employees motivated, focusing on quality service, and working as a team through constant reinforcement. It keeps customer service uppermost in their minds when on the job. More importantly, the videos enhance the service skills and job performance of all your employees.

The goals of the Service First Video Library are not simply to change the habits of individuals, but to strengthen a company culture built around service. It’s affordable, easy to implement quality service training.

The 12 Secrets to Exceptional Service

  • Video 1: Your Key to Customer Satisfaction
  • Video 2: Teamwork Development
  • Video 3: Handling Complaints and the Irate Customer
  • Video 4: The Language of Positive Communication
  • Video 5: Effective Questioning and Listing
  • Video 6: Exceeding Customers Expectations
  • Video 7: Value –Added Service
  • Video 8: Effective Telephone Techniques
  • Video 9: The Art of Satisfying Customers
  • Video 10: Service Recovery
  • Video 11: Empowerment
  • Video 12: Total Quality Service

  • Train any number of employees with immediate results
  • Pay NO additional cost for future staff – cost is not based on number of users
  • It’s so user friendly you don’t have to invest in experienced facilitators…anyone can train this program!
  • Fresh and relevant video examples
  • A solid foundation for future customer service training

100guarantee100% Money Back Guarantee

We believe in our products, and you will too! Every program you purchase at Shoppers, Inc. comes with our Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. Train your workforce with our programs, and if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, return the materials for a full refund. No time restrictions.


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