Employee Testing / Performance Appraisals

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Employee Testing

Shoppers Inc.’s employee testing software, P.R.I.S.M., allows you to set up your own custom employee test.  Employees simply log in, complete the test online and submit.  The test is automatically scored and saved in our system.  Tests could be those for new hires, on-going skill maintenance tests, customer service skills or simply any other test you wish to use.

Supervisors or other authorized users can then see results by using their own login.  The online tools allow them to view individual tests, as well as to create a variety of summary reports on all test results.  The system is automated, fast, and simple to use.  Costs are very reasonable, as low as $2 per test submitted!

Performance Appraisals

Consider Two Types of Reviews:

Employee Performance Reviews
Capture and tabulate the manager/supervisor perspective of individual employee performance, accomplishments, skills, and compliance with corporate policies and initiatives.

Manager Reviews
Receive input from the employee’s perspective on manager/supervisor leadership, management approach and reviews.

Our system can be used to gather reviews as well as summarize results.  Need a way to quickly track employee performance by individual, department and company-wide?  We can do that easily with the same system as we offer for Employee Testing.  Set up your review standards on our online form.  Then managers simply log in, complete reviews and submit.  From there, any authorized user can use the system to view individual reviews, as well as create summary reports.

Advantages of our P.R.I.S.M. system for tests and reviews:
  • Customized documents – you set design, scoring, standards for each test/appraisal
  • Unlimited document styles – you can have an unlimited variety of tests/appraisals
  • Unlimited users – set up any number of users
  • Custom access – YOU define which forms a single user has access to on the system
  • Simple pricing – a one-time set up fee and then just a small fee per test/appraisal
  • Summary Reports – you can create your own summary reports to track results over time with our online reporting system that includes graphs, tables and lists
But the best advantage of all is:

Our system will allow you to incorporate employee satisfactions surveys, employee performance reviews, employee testing results with mystery shopper and customer survey results…all on one system!  Really dig deep into performance versus quality of service with our online reporting tool.

This full-circle view from management to the consumer not only helps identify high and low performers for recognition or improvement, but also highlights areas of service success that you can incorporate throughout your organization.

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