Shopper – How to Evaluate and Complete Surveys

Shoppers, Inc. has been providing surveys to a variety of clients since 1986. These surveys provide information to business owners and managers that will help them provide better customer service, and ultimately, increase sales. It must be accurate information or it is useless. And remember, many businesses have video surveillance, so your surveys may be compared to recordings to insure their accuracy!  Therefore, it is imperative that you be accurate, thorough, and reliable. 

Golden Rules for All Contract Shoppers
  1. READ GUIDELINES CAREFULLY. Read them every time, even if you have done that type of survey before; sometimes guidelines and rules do change!  Surveys done incorrectly are not accepted by our clients, and we cannot pay for them.
  2. CALL OR E-MAIL US IF YOU CANNOT COMPLETE A SURVEY OFFER YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY APPROVED. We may be able to give you more time, but we need as much notice as possible. The client still needs the survey, so you have to give us time to replace you if you can’t do it. Failure to notify us when you cannot complete a survey offer will result in termination of your contract!
  3. KEEP THE SURVEY CONFIDENTIAL. A “mystery shopper” is someone who is not known to the staff of the location being evaluated, so DO NOT GIVE YOURSELF AWAY! Don’t ask unusual questions, order strange combinations or take notes or any kind of paperwork into the location.  If using a smart phone and taking notes, be inconspicuous.  Employees know they are being evaluated and often are on the lookout for anyone who doesn’t do what normal customers do. If the client reports to us that they know you are the Independent Contractor, you will not receive payment for your survey.
  4. CHECK YOUR E-MAIL OFTEN AND REPLY IMMEDIATELY to all survey offers and other requests/questions. E-mailed offers ask you to confirm that you can complete them. If you cannot do the survey, or cannot  complete it by the deadline given, please be kind and let us know right away.
Account Reps

Each of our clients’ surveys are assigned to a Account Rep. This person may work in our office or may work out of his/her home. The Account Rep is responsible for insuring that ALL surveys for that client are done accurately and on time. They get paid according to meeting deadlines, so they really appreciate it when you let them know whether you can or cannot do a specific survey. The Account Rep will explain the survey and send the survey offers to you. They are your contact point for that particular client; you may work with several different Account Rep, if you do different types of surveys. Questions you may have about your specific survey should be directed to the Account Rep.

 How Does the Process Work?
  1. We will contact you via e-mail or phone to see if you can do a specific survey.
  2. If you are a SASSIE user, the Account Rep will post your survey in your shop log on SASSIE telling you the survey is ready to be done. You must confirm whether or not you have accepted the survey. Refer to the COMMENTS section in your shop log for specific guidelines on each survey to be completed.
  3. Read the guidelines and look at the survey on SASSIE BEFORE you complete your call/visit.
  4. Complete the survey according to guidelines given, keeping notes as necessary, but do not take notes into the location being evaluated.
  5. Log on to our website at by clicking SHOPPER LOGIN.  Enter your SASSIE username and password and view your log, where survey offers will appear. If you have not yet done so, please reply to each survey offer to confirm with the Account Rep whether or not you accept the offer. Review all guidelines and surveys before completing your call or visit.
  6. Complete the survey and finalize/submit it. If you have made any omissions on the survey you will receive an error message, and the question in error will show OOPS!.   You will need to correct any errors and finalize/submit again.
  7. Complete any additional guidelines according to the specific client. Some require receipts, brochures, etc. Refer to the guidelines in the e-mail or on the website.
 Survey Guidelines

Each client has their own specific requirements, likes, and dislikes on their surveys. These will be covered in their guidelines. However, a few things apply to ALL surveys:

  1. Report FACTS, not OPINIONS. “The food was cold” is a fact. “It would have been ok if it hadn’t had mushrooms” is an opinion.
  2. NEVER describe employees in an insulting manner: “she was fat, he was old”, etc. are insulting. Most employees DO see your reports. Use politically correct terms when descriptions are required: African-American, Native American, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, Caucasian, etc.
  3. Anytime you give a NO answer or a LOW rating, please explain. They need to know what they can do better in order to improve.
  4. Comments Sections: Be thorough. This part give the client the best feedback on how the call/visit went, so please use the space to briefly explain all that occurred and review your answers/ratings.
  5. Typing in forms online: Use proper spelling, punctuation, complete sentences,  and grammar please!!  We may penalize your fee if we have to constantly correct your typing. We can only turn in surveys that are professional in language, tone and appearance.  DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPS!!! We have to retype the whole survey if you type in all capital letters.

Remember, our clients are counting on you to provide them with fair, accurate and detailed surveys. You are a Professional Independent Contractor now, so please act appropriately and turn in surveys that reflect your status as such.

Thank you for taking the time time to review this information, and WELCOME!!

Amy Green and the Entire Shoppers, Inc. Team

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